A.RT @ Disruptive Imaginings {Vancouver}

ART-InvitePoster-300dpi-CMYKThis morning we rocked out artist.roundtable (A.RT) #4 on New Economies (led by the great team at Adjacent Possibilities) in Vancouver as a part of the Disruptive Imaginings convening.  I’m so happy to be among an amazing group of esteemed colleagues thinking about the ‘glue’ that binds the realms of art and sustainability to one another for the next week.

More on the artist.roundtable (A.RT) #4 on New Economies:

Curatorial Statement

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General info on A.RT


artist.roundtable (A.RT) is online

ART-Main-Black-Tranparentartist.roundtable (A.RT) now has a home on the Musagetes website. Musagetes has taken the lead in helping this new collaborative methodology to emerge … and for that, we are very appreciative!

artist.roundtable (A.RT) is an approach to bridging different areas of thought and addressing crucial issues from varying directions. In 2014-2015, there are A.RTs occurring in Guelph (climate change), São Paulo (water), New York City (health), Vancouver (new economies), and Toronto (tower renewal). The artist.roundtable is a flexible and modifiable approach for artists to share their ideas and innovations beyond the art world, enabling them to speak with policymakers, politicians, community organizers, social movement leaders, and vice versa. Local organizers determine the theme, context, and goals; therefore each A.RT is quite different. You can read about the first roundtable in Guelph and the overall idea, here.

The artist.roundtable approach is not yet fully defined. With each A.RT, we anticipate learning something new about sharing different forms of knowledge that keeps artists and creative practitioners at generative levels of problem solving … and we invite you to be a part of the process. Cities for People, Kunsthalle São Paulo, Adjacent Possibilities, Disruptive Imaginings, Musagetes, National Arts Strategies Creative Communities Fellowship, One Earth, World Policy Institute / Arts-Policy Nexus, and the Department of Art and Public Policy, Tisch School of the Arts at New York University all deserve credit for their midwifery of the A.RT methodology.

New Beginnings @ ICORN Creative Resistance Assembly

FullSizeRenderThis morning I’m giving a talk at the International Cities of Refuge Network’s Assembly, Creative Resistance – Stories from the Edge of Freedom.  I’m speaking on the theme of New Beginnings:

Many guest writers and artists use the opportunity an ICORN residency gives to change direction and start new undertakings. In this workshop we discuss possibilities and obstacles to new beginnings.  With: Todd Lester (Artist. Safety.net), UAF (Netherland), Hamburg Foundation (Germany), guest writers and artists.

Last week in Beirut

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 1.24.14 PM

Last week in Beirut, I attended the House of Council, Askhal Alwan, Legal Agenda co-event, The Manufacturing of Rights.  It was, quite simply, compelling … and I’d like to thank the organizers for letting me be a part of it.  I also got to attend the ‘Art Meeting’ a regular Friday dinner gathering of local artists as well as a planning session with Collectif Kahraba for the The Moon, The Neighbors and Us Festival.  Thanks to everyone who made my stay so memorable!

Helping things happen in Khartoum, Hanoi and beyond

into_sunlightA few months ago, I posted a blog on projects I helped to start with the observation that some of them don’t even mention me and the volunteer or discounted labor I gave to their emergence.  Lately, I’ve had some slightly different experiences with people writing to me to credit my initial interventions as foundational to some cool things going down.  I really, really appreciate that credit even if it is in the form of a quick email.  I’ll share a couple of these exchanges here en brev:

From Katharina [Germany/Sudan]:

Hope you are well! Reading your mail from 2011 I just see time flying past. In the meantime we were able to digitze around half of the private film archive of Gadallas work with funding from the German embassy. We did some workshops with young filmmakers in Khartoum around the work of Gubara and will have a presentation in Berlin from 20th  till 30ths of May. We are planning a bigger exhibition in Khartoum about him and his work, also showing photos, scripts etc. Through one of the workshop participants we are also now in touch with Ibrahim Shaddad finally, who, I just realized studied in the same German film school as me! We will have a screening of one of his films tomorrow. Also I met a France-based, Sudanese filmmaker currently working on a documentary about Sudanese Cinema in the 60s and 70s. So I just wanted to let you know, even though things take time, they are happening! Which is very exiting.  {Read more at freeDimensionalArsenal, and more on Ibrahim Shaddad, who I helped program into one of the first Amakula Kampala Film Festivals when based in Khartoum.}

From Gloria [NYC]:

It has been a long time, and I hope everything is going great for you. I wanted to let you know that because of you connecting me to Dinh Q. Le, and he then connecting me to dance companies in Vietnam, we are realizing the dream of bringing ‘Into Sunlight’ to Vietnam this September. We will be co-performing with Together Higher Dance Company of Hanoi in a three city tour September 22-30, 2015. I just wanted you to know the amazing chain reaction you set off, and to thank you for making the connection that ultimately led us to this place of great opportunity.  {Read more at Robin Becker Dance and World Policy Institute.}


I was also tickled to be thanked for my input by friend and author, DW Gibson in his new book, The Edge Becomes the Center: An Oral History of Gentrification in the 21st Century.  And, lastly, a little birdie told me that freeDimensional was accredited as a forebear of the new Artist Protection Fund that was announced this week by the Mellon Foundation and the Institute of International Education in Boston.

*Image from Into Sunlight

Lanchonete.org presents its ecosystem @ ‘concreto amado: habitar e conviver no centro de são paulo’

150312_workshop_HABCIDADE_CARTAZ2Tomorrow, Lanchonete.org will present a panel on food, sustainability, green space, leisure, art and the city with partners from these organizations:

[9 am]  arrival and tour of Centro Cultural da Ocupação São João

[9:45]  presentation of Escola da Cidade project with Ocupação São João

[10am] Movimento 90°

[10:20] Rede de Agroecologia da USP

[10:40] Aromeiazero

[11:00]  Gastromotiva (and showing Cidades sem Fome video)

[11:30]  Lanchonete.org (and guest artist, nowhere kitchen)