Artist Support

After several years of meeting artists, activists and culture workers through my work with freeDimensional, I came up with a format for engaging creative folks in support of their social practice.  I’m calling this format the Social Practice Portfolio Review (SPPR), and it is one of a few Services that I’m developing to help artists engage with their communities and peer networks.

The Social Practice Portfolio Review is a model of review and feedback based on the curatorial practice of ‘portfolio review’. While the Social Practice Portfolio Review will not be able to wholly define art for social change, it can provide concrete, identifiable, and substantive links between artists/arts initiatives, critical issues, community groups, non-profit organizations and the social movements for which the holistic outcomes of art-making – both process and aesthetics – can have the most useful impact.  The following artists and projects have engaged in the SPPR process:

Chirkure Chirikure (Berlin)

Elisa Gelewski & the Artemis Project (Berlin)

Anat Litwin & the HomeBase Project (Berlin)

Brian Fernandes-Halloran (Berlin/ NYC)

Katalin Schaak & Nostranenie Quark Plasma Now (Berlin)

Kenny’s Shared Space Project (NYC)

Roundtable with Jacob, Kei & Juju @ TPAM (Tokyo)

Kyohei Sakaguchi (Tokyo)

Michal Rivlin (Berlin)

Casa Hankili Africa (Mexico City)

Espira / La Espora (Managua)

Puck Verkade & WANDER Residency (The Hague)

The Social Practice Portfolio Review is intended primarily for individual artists and collectives, but can be modified for benefit to curators and non-profit organizations focused on the arts. It is envisioned as a DIY practice that – through repetition and modified – can be used by independent consultants, arts administrators, gallerists, curators, professors, community organizers, program officers and artists themselves in an open-source fashion.  The process is currently being documented through cases and formatted into a model that can be learned from and shared respectively.


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