Lanchonete_jpegToday, I’m leading a special walk as a VIP offering to the SP-arte (art fair) … but since we are all VIPs, anyone is welcome!  We’re meeting in the downstairs area of PIVO at 2:30 this afternoon.  Please join myself and other members who will share and discuss the framing of as a durational, site-specific project to São Paulo’s Centro …

I came to São Paulo for the first time in 2005.  It took me by surprise:  A love affair of sorts.  The center of the city proposed itself to me–or I to it–for some sort of plan.  A plan to desire, to caution, to delve deeper inside.  These ideas collided with those of others and gradually took shape.  We call it a platform, one that is focused on how people live and work in, share and survive the contemporary city with the Center of São Paulo as our outlook. It gets its name from the ubiquitous lunch counters—convivial, fluorescent-lit, open-walled, laborious, points of commerce—that populate almost every street corner.  
WHAT:  A walk in the city center.
WHEN: Saturday, April 9 @ 2:30pm
WHERE: Departure @ 2:30 from PIVO [Copan Bldg – Av. Ipiranga, 200]
DURATION: 1.5 hours