headI do frown at the notion of new year’s resolutions.  Only because I can easily scan the tattered remains of many-o-resolutions looking back across the years.  That said, I’ve made one (well, several, but some are already obsolete:)

I’m going to write more this year … there, I said it!

This week, I’ve had two blogs published by HyperAllergic – Je Suis (in Solidarity with but Uncomfortable About) Charlie – and Cities for People – The view from São Paulo: Art & Urban Foodways ~ Through the lens of a new location.

[Part II of the aforementioned Cities for People blog is here; this section is a photo essay of lanchonetes (lunch counters) in São Paulo. Also, there is a variation on the HyperAllergic piece in the World Policy Journal under Looking Back on Charlie Hebdo.]

And, not so long ago, I was a guest commentator on The Nature of Cities answering the question (along with my peers), How can art (in all its forms), exhibits, installations and provocations be a better catalyst to raise awareness, support and momentum for urban nature and green spaces?

Happily, I will become a regular commentator for The Nature of Cities, something I do for Cities for People as well.  I also write a monthly blog for Residency Unlimited on the building of Lanchonete.org, a project that is featured in the Modes of Democracy catalog, carrying details of the many projects in an exhibit by that name at the DOX Center for Contemporary Arts (Prague).  Lastly, you can see other odds and ends on a new blog I just minted called xo, T.