Hildy_2014A little bit travel weary, I’m also really excited and full of energy.  One thing is that this trip to Europe (from NYC) is not what is called a ’roundtrip’ … instead it is an ‘open-jaw’, which means I don’t return to NYC, but onward to São Paulo where I now, newly call home.  Moreover, I had a very fruitful time meeting and conspiring with some people I admire and learning about new ideas.  My friend Shawn (who runs Musagetes) and I visited w/ one of the founders of Publication Studio in Rotterdam and ever-clued-in curator and critic, Nat Muller.  In Den Haag, I visited w/ the organizations Shelter City and Creative Court, and then in Amsterdam attended the Prince Claus Fund’s awards ceremony, which is always inspiring given the beautiful network that they have cultivated over the past 18 years.  Now, I’m back in Hildesheim (Germany) for the second year in a row to give a talk to students in cultural policy studies under the UNESCO Chair in cultural policy for the arts in development.  We had a great session last nite (that lasted from 6pm until midnight), and today we’re at it again.  Funnily they found a picture of me from 2008 in which I’m wearing a sweater that I had on yesterday (and today) as well.  Thanks Daniel Gad for the invitation!