csfWell, for starters, I’m determined to learn Portuguese … it’s coming along and perhaps now I speak like an eight year old … can’t wait until I hit linguistic puberty!!  These past days and weeks have been full of activity.  Both the Kristiania Salon on Race (NYC) and the conference MEMORY: A Pillar of Transitional Justice & Human Rights (São Paulo) have been compelling and successful.

In the same period of time, I’ve jotted down some new blogs on various platforms:

Rearview Mirrow ~ Artist Roundtable: GUELPH + SenseLabs: LETHBRIDGE on Cities for People; Lanchonete.org on Food Systems on Residency Unlimited; Artist Roundtable (A.RT): Art and Politics on World Policy Institute/Journal; and Artists cultivating food systems on Nature of Cities.  Also, Lanchonete.org and Baiano artist, Thiago Gonçalves are included in the Modes of Democracy exhibition at the Dox Center for Contemporary Art in Prague.  Lastly, I played a minor role in the building of an endowment for safeguarding the art collection of the South African constitutional court in Johannesburg.  Thanks for reading!

PS, the image is of a farmer, Genival, with Cities Without Hunger in São Paulo.  I grew up on a farm in Tennessee … and always think about the similarities when I meet someone who works the land.  I talk about Cities Without Hunger in several of my recent blogs.