2014-landsman-c2I am really pleased to join Aaron Landsman’s Perfect City ‘panel’ at the Crossing the Line /FIAF festival this Monday (Oct 6) at Abrons Art Center where I’ll be talking about Lanchonete.org, working in São Paulo, and the potential dilemma when words/phrases/notions mean different things to different people (e.g. gentrification, food desert, quality of life).  This fits inside a broader investigation:

How can we make a place to live that reflects our values? Who are we as a group, anyway?

Forward-thinking, New York-based theater artist Aaron Landsman invites us to reimagine urban life outside of commerce in a performed public meeting. Considering the ways gentrification happens in the United States alongside international examples of community alternatives, the conversation will lay the foundation for his next work, Perfect City.

Featuring panelists Deland Chan, Todd Lester and Demaris Reyes.

Here’s some advance coverage, with a compelling title, Warning: This Panel Discussion Could Make You Run for Public Office.

And, if you’d like to learn more about Lanchonete.org, there will be a panel entitled Urban Planning as Utopia with Thiago Carrapatoso, Leandro Viana, and Jakub Szczesny at Flux Factory on Saturday, October 11 as a part of both Utopia School and the Art in Odd Places (AiOP) festival … please join us!

*Some background reading for both events is a new blog on Occupation in São Paulo I just wrote for Residency Unlimited.