a1759ac31a1a9d0d7fe5b5d0d2c99c39_400x400I’m about to head back to NYC from Tennessee where I’ll attend a meeting by the Scholar Rescue Fund entitled Artist Initiative Exploration – Rescue & Safe Haven.  After ten years of working in this space, I’m anxious to see what’s afoot.

And in other news, today I wrote the 8th piece in a blog series for Residency Unlimited entitled Lanchonete.org on Occupation.  Have a look … here’s the question I answered:

“Lanchonete.org works in partnership with the Occupation São João and its Centro Cultural São João, a community space on its first floor. This is one of the locations around the Center where artists residents will live, and I was the first one to stay there back in March (2014). About two weeks ago, a sister occupation across the street – also a member of the Frente de Luta por Moradia (FLM) housing movement – and its 200 families were forcibly evicted. My question is what action should be taken in order to bring the occupiers, the municipality and the landlords to the same table? Can artists, activists and cultural producers play a role in these negotiations?”

– Question from Jakub Szczęsny, the first artist resident to Lanchonete.org.