On September 21, 2014, artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese present Dawn of the Anthropocene a large-scale ice sculpture of the words “The Future.” The sculpture is 21 feet long, 5 feet high and weighs 2000 pounds. It will melt throughout the day taking anywhere from 8 to 24 hours to disappear.

The artists call these events “temporary monuments” filming and photographing them throughout the process of their disappearance. They stream the sculpture’s transformation live on the website meltedaway to expand the site specificity of it. The website becomes an expanded documentary incorporating internet, video interviews, photography and text allowing viewers off-site to experience the piece in a multiplicity of ways.

This use of media has been an integral part of LigoranoReese’s temporary monuments from their inception drawing on the sculpture event’s performative character and taking inspiration from Josef Beuy’s concept of “social sculpture.” Dawn of the Anthropocene will be the first temporary monument to offer the video stream to other websites as an embedded feed. The artists are using an array of social media platforms to present the event live including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram, which is also available for embedding.

The artists will offer short-term writers’ residencies during the event for journalists, poets, and essayists. The residencies last 2 hours. They will be scheduled at various times during the event. Writers will be required to write at least four 140 character twitter statements, 2 Facebook posts and a blog post for the meltedaway website. A microphone will also be provided so that the writers will be able to read their texts during the livestream each hour, on the hour.

All media is posted on the meltedaway website at the end of the process in order to form an accessible archive of the event. If you are interested …

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Statements relating to the sculpture, with writers considering how it feels to see the future disappear, relating that experience to the hard facts of global warming; i.e., rising sea levels, acidification of oceans, severe weather, etc.
  • However, it doesn’t have to be expository writing; it can be a poem, diary note, we’re open to any expression.
  • The residencies should be 2 hours in length.
  • After we process applicants’ availability, we’ll be sending out a comprehensive schedule.
  • We envision two writers per each two-hour time slot, from 10 AM through 8 PM.

Here’s what we’ll provide:

  • We’ll have writing tables to sit at, and there are also tables in the triangle.
  • Writers should bring their own writing devices (we may have a iPad or tablet available too).
  • We will have beverages and munchies.
  • We’ll provide a stipend somewhere between $25 and $50 to each writer (we’ll know the final budget later in the week).
  • I’ll be managing the residency with Nora and Marshall, so you’ll see our smiling faces all day too.
  • Please write to me if you would like to be considered, and feel free to suggest the shift you prefer.

Todd Lester (tl_lester@yahoo.com)