freeDimensional (fD) is an organization I helped start almost a decade ago.  fD started out by helping artists-in-distress with safe haven solutions at key moments.  These days, we’re doing so much more, convening regional safety/readiness workshops for culture workers and being the ‘glue’ that keeps courageous people from falling through the cracks of a big system with our ‘strength in numbers’ approach.  Over the last few weeks, some of our former stakeholders have told us what our services have meant to them in dark moments … check out what Chaw ei (Burma),  Issa (Cameroon), Rien (Indonesia) and Lawman (Jamaica) have to say.

And, it’s my birthday today … I get to call in favors and be outlandish, right?  Would you consider joining us and helping more artists with your financial contribution (any size will make a difference in the cases we work on every day)?


Love, Todd

Art work by Chaw ei Thein.