is helping to produce an event at Occupation São João called Café Imaginário on Saturday, March 29th (7:30pm) in São Paulo.  The programme will be opened by Antonia Ferreira, Coordinator of the Occupation.  Four families living at São João will share their experiences on topics ranging from culture and diversity to love and their understanding of what it means to be a family, moderated by Natalia Godoy Rodovalho.  Nazaré Brasil will present the WITNESS/Amnesty International toolkit on forced eviction, and there will be a presentation by Baixo Centro, as well as a preparatory discussion for COMIGRAR, the National Conference on Migration and Refuge in order to promote a debate on human and social rights with a focus on LGBT immigrants.

An exhibition of portraits of São João residents by photographer, Leandro Vianna will be on view as will a series on ‘abandonment’ by photographer Márcio Ramos.  There will be music by Mildo Ferreira with guest Diego Dias from the Drama School of São Paulo.  Café Imaginário seeks to address the equal treatment, access to services, and hosting rights, inclusion in the labor market, recognition and appreciation of diversity, rights violations and means of prevention and protection.

This blog by WITNESS recaps the event.