dhorvitzI just got to São Paulo a few days ago.  There are so many ideas in the Lanchonete.org pot … we’re stirring it.  Let’s see what comes out these next months.  The first few days after I arrive to São Paulo are always disorienting, my mind trying to take back the Portuguese level last attained, my body acclimating to the different climate (so warm:), my sense of direction trying (and then giving up the attempt) to apply its internal GPS to a city that defies my comfort with streets on a grid, and a project that has a wide enough berth to settle into the city as it will.  I found a whisper of reason in David Horvitz’ recent blog on Open Engagement.

Thankfully, this time I can focus on details – legal, logistic, web design, etc. – with the knowledge that the next time I arrive to Brazil, I’ll speak Portuguese … Thank you Middlebury College and the Kathryn Davis Fellowship for giving me the opportunity to immerse myself in the study of Portuguese this Summer.

This time I’ve brought with me our first outside resident, Warsaw-based architect Jakub Szczesny.  Let’s see what gets cooked up, and if you can get past the mixed culinary and nautical metaphors, please stay tuned…