parkside-luncheonetteOn Sunday, November 24th, has been invited to come and share at The Sunview poetic re-cap!!

The Sunview is sometimes the Sunview, sometimes the Luncheonette, sometimes the Fountain Luncheonette, and sometimes not-a-Luncheonette. Under all names and all guises, the Sunview Luncheonette is a storefront on pause; a member-based social club; a microvenue for art, poetics, regionalism, mutual aid, and commoning. The Luncheonette performs semi-public dinners, talks, workshops, lectures, plays, reading groups, and musical interludes in a semi-private setting. The back room doubles as a studio and incubator for the design, publication, and distribution of printed ephemera. The Sunview, resistant to traditional forms of commerce, commodification, and gentrification, suggests that a thoughtful, inter-generational, collaborative approach to living in the city is possible, and that localized economies can be put in place that provide meaning, value, and income (without capitulating to exploitative practices) for both long-term and newly-arrived residents. Sunview Luncheonette speculates that by coming together, we become something better. It is above all, an “approach,” and least of all, an “outcome.” It is unknown. It is hopeful. It saves you a seat at the counter.