long-table-etiquetteFrom 7-9pm at SESC Pompeia (main arena), Lanchonete.org members will be in a Dialogue with the Center including with Baixo Centro, community members, artists, partners and anyone who is curious about the project. We’ll arrange the bleachers into an open space with a long table in the front, borrowing from the Long Table concept by artist, Lois Weaver. There will be plenty of open chairs so if people want to join the table, they can or they can stay in the bleachers. The discussion will work as a ‘town hall’ or performative charrette meeting to engender a ‘live’ feedback loop that will inform the project’s design and be woven into its future planning, evolution and the prospect of community ownership via the Associação Espaço Cultural Lanchonete. We’ll talk about what we know and we’ll candidly admit (and ask advice on) what we don’t know. Everyone is invited to join the performance!

Dialogue with the Center is the third event (of 3) in the official launch of the Lanchonete project during the São Paulo X Bienal de Arquitetura … Please join us!