globalI helped work on this over the past two years serving as executive director of Global Arts Corps.  Congratulations to them for bringing this to the stage!

ArtsEmerson The World on Stage is hosting a collective of actors from The North of Ireland to workshop a powerful new play about surviving a troubled past only to face the unknown of a fragile peace. HOLD YOUR TONGUE, HOLD YOUR DEAD takes an ironic look at young and old struggling to find a voice in a country where not talking about the past has almost become an art form.

The original play is the creation of the Global Arts Corps (GAC), a New York-based theatre organization that creates productions in former conflict countries with actors who might have once looked down the barrels of guns at each other. Hold Your tongue, Hold Your dead is a total collaborative effort with actors from both sides of Northern Ireland’s historic divide, a fast-rising young Northern Irish playwright, Stacey Gregg, noted Irish Composer, Jules Maxwell, and GAC founder/director Michael Lessac.

Built from the actors’ stories and memories, the production explores the cost of celebrating ancestors while banning the past…and probes the silence that effects a young vibrant generation who is ready to move on. The play features original music – an eclectic fusion of Irish music and the Blues — which will be played live by the composer at each performance.