flowerCheck out this rock star statement {charge} — The Art of Resilience, The Resilience of Art — that came from the convening!  And, here’s a link to the Cities for People initiative that it is a part of

This week I’ve been invited to attend a meeting hosted by the Canadian Musagetes and McConnell Foundations on Positioning the Arts within Resilient Cities hosted by the Breuninger Stiftung on the amazing Wasan Island.

Our conversation on Wasan Island will begin with a “show-and-tell” of examples of socially engaged and community-based artistic projects. Each participant will give a 10-minute presentation on one or two projects that they initiated, participated in, or are otherwise familiar with. Our goal with this session is to identify some common factors or patterns across experiences of socially engaged and community-based projects. It will also give us a deeper insight into the broad interpretation of and approaches to the work.

The meeting holds these objectives:

* To share knowledge about socially engaged artistic practices, drawing on examples from around the world;

* To explore and understand what elements and processes support the successful development of socially engaged artistic practices; and

*To draft a position paper on the role that the arts must play to increase resiliency in cities as a touchstone document for a resilient cities network (Cities for People Network) that is taking shape.

I look forward to learning and meeting some new people.