photo-36Yesterday, I attended a small gathering of folks on the occasion of Human Hotel, a project by Wooloo on the occasion of the IDEAS City Festival by the New Museum.  We had a chat on a rooftop about hospitality.  Today at the festival, I’ll pick up that theme again with Wooloo member, Martin Rosengaard in The Speechbuster, an urban mobile table commissioned by Storefront for Art & Architecture, which will provide a platform for discussions throughout the day exploring this year’s theme “Untapped Capital” through a series of presentations, discussions, and performances on “Somethingness.”

I’ll track down the Speechbuster-mobile from Lanchonete‘s stationary position within the TrustArt exhibit, which is right at the mouth of the Bowery off Houston.  Here’s the text that describes what we’ll be up to:

Lanchonete is a five-year project that looks at where capital ‘lives’, both conceptually and by focusing on a working class restaurant in the center of São Paulo. Lanchonete reinterprets the artist residency template; acknowledges the consequences of organizational form; and deeply considers the role of artist as outsider and social witness in complex urban environments. Members of the Associação Espaço Cultural Lanchonete will interact with festival goers from behind a (lunch) counter, borrowing from the methodology used to engage neighborhood residents in São Paulo in order to have their input and permission to do Lanchonete, while instigating, encouraging and discovering untapped capital in the people and projects gathered in/on the Bowery.