wpiattTonight I’ll be a discussion leader at the World Policy Institute‘s annual Around the Table event:

The world needs people with fresh ideas and global perspectives to be seated “around the table” in order to catalyze innovative thinking on challenges that span borders: Sustainable Global Cities Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Closing the Gender Gap Security Across Borders Heading Off Financial Crisis and the Arts-Policy Nexus across all of these topics. At each table, hosts including World Policy Fellows and eminent friends will engage guests in dynamic conversation around these themes, generating insights and connections that will help inform our work in the coming year.

For this occasion, I’ve been asked to co-lead a discussion on how the arts and policy worlds can best collaborate to use media and creativity to engage hearts –not just minds- and spur hands and feet to work for positive change?  And, more specifically,   what strategies can global cities adopt to adapt to resource shortages and build human capital?