jjYesterday, I was interviewed by a Ph.D. candidate at NYU in American studies for her research on Burmese diasporic art and community building in the context of humanitarian activism.  She learned about my work by attending a talk two years ago with Chaw ei, a Burmese artist that freeDimensional helped out in NYC.  Our discussion ranged from that particular case to resources for artists under political duress more broadly.  You can meet Chaw ei this week at a symposium at John Jay College.

Next week on March 20th, the Municipal Art Society and World Policy Institute are co-hosting an Arts Forum on Building Resilience Through the Arts @ Galapagos Art Space, which I helped to plan.  Read a blog by Martin Rosengaard of Wooloo, one of the panelists, on the World Policy Institutes Arts-Policy Nexus blog series.

A few weeks back, I attended a lecture by Professor Arthur Kleinman at the University of Cape Town on Caregiving and Goodness: Their Broader Role in Society.  In that lecture he recommended this beautiful talk by Toni Morrison on Goodness: Altruism and the Literary Imagination. Enjoy!!!