Marathon_Grill_Farm_Close_up_FINAL222Next week, I’m headed to the ‘continent’ to the Wander Symposium in the Hague and then to Derry/Londonderry for the Challenging Place conference.


Wanders self-reflective program considers the complexities currently facing the residency field. Changes in contemporary art practice challenge the traditional residency structure to become more than a place to facilitate production. Wander originates from these recent challenges, and wonders: what diverse possibilities are there for re-interpreting the residency format? Wander invited the pioneering artist-in-residence organisations FLACC (BE), freeDimensional (US), Lanchonete (BR) and HomeBase (DE/US/IL) to be residents and to share their position and motivations with the Dutch art field. This residency will conclude with WANDER WONDERS#1, the first in a series of symposia.

Challenging Place

Segregation, Peace Walls and the role of the arts in conflict cities will provide the foundation for a national and international conference next month.  The 2013 Playhouse International Culture Arts Network (ICAN) conference will examine how the arts challenge the people and place of Derry ~ Londonderry and other conflict / post conflict cities around the world.  Held in partnership with University of Ulster, the conference will draw inspiration from international and national practice.