bftIf you don’t have your tickets to Belarus Free Theatre‘s Minsk 2011 at the Under the Radar Festival, get them now!  Minsk 2011 and their piece-in-development, Third Sex have the BFT bringing their considerable craft and marshaling attention to “strip clubs, underground raves and gay pride parades [that] pulse beneath the surface of a city where sexuality is met by government oppression” and the plight of transgendered folks around the world respectively.

I just ran into Natalia and Nikolai in Amsterdam and they told me that I looked like a Brit.  Was it the tweed?  Frankly, (as an American) I never know how to take that comparison.  I do do a good cockney accent, however.  Here’s a piece that my colleague Carolin Wiedemann and I wrote about BFT for the Arts & Democracy Project‘s Bridge Conversations a couple years back.