Tonight, I’ll be giving a lecture to the joint-University Seminar on Innovation in Education in 305 Russell at Columbia University.  I’ll be presenting the work of the Global Arts Corps.  The Global Arts Corps creates theatre and film to advance reconciliation in societies emerging from violent conflict. We work with theatre artists who either once looked down the barrel of a gun at each other or, as children of conflict, still deal with memories not yet healed. Drawing from a global corps of artists – from South Africa, the Balkans, Northern Ireland and the US, we use theatre performances as catalysts for dialogue, from which we go on to build strong community bonds that stimulate and encourage conflict resolution through simple, yet dependable, acts of solidarity such as training professional actors, mentoring youth and witnessing local conditions in a multi-year engagement. The presentation will describe the work of Global Arts Corps and show film of the program in action. It will also discuss the contributions artists can make in advancing social justice in society.

The lecture is jointly sponsored by the University Seminar on Ethics, Moral Education, and Society, this seminar is part of the 2012-2013 season of the University Seminar on Innovation in Education which is co-chaired by Ronald Gross who also conducts the Socratic Conversations at the Gottesman Libraries; and Robert McClintock, John L. and Sue Ann Weinberg Professor Emeritus in the Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education at Teachers College. Founded in 1970, the Seminar explores the process of learning in individuals, organizations, and society, throughout the lifespan and via major institutions.

Here are a couple links to the talk — Link 1 and Link 2.