Here’s the flier for the panel … and here’s the audio.

On October 26th, I’ll be moderating a panel that I co-designed called FUTURE RESIDENCY — Commitment to Society (see page 13) at the Res Artis general meeting in Tokyo.  Due to my current preoccupation with Brazil, nation-branding, artificial centrality and resulting narratives, BRICS, Havaianas and so forth, the set up for the panel goes like this:

‘Brazilianification’ is defined as the process in which the middle class disappears, and the gulf between the upper and lower classes widens. Is this condition unique to Brazil or is it a site-specific interpretation of globalization. Many important ideas and innovations on the economy and alternative currencies come from the art world yet don’t have the influence with policymakers to become mainstream. Stated as a question: If artists and arts administrators were empowered to innovate at a scale large enough to interrupt the status quo, what would that look like? Panelists will highlight under-reported models of efficiency; identify non-traditional economists; and consider how art spaces – and the social capital they engender – may bridge class differences in their home countries and local communities.