This weekend on Saturday (Oct 6) I joined the Open Skeye Collective as they bring their innovative energy to the Human Impacts Institute’s 10 Days of Climate Action with an interactive multi-disciplinary performance piece on oil addiction and climate.  As dancers perform to live music, viewers will be invited to throw oil-like paint on the dancers.   With this piece, Open Skeye confronts oil addiction and ignorance or complacency around the grave effects of pollution. Fun, excitement, and humor will be the overall emotion in partaking in this event but then a heavier, lingering thought will sustain about the public’s own actions during the performance which will translate into their personal lives.  As viewers willingly make the choice to “pollute” dancers, the piece calls to question our sense of personal responsibility and the consequences of our actions.

I added an absurdist facet to the performance whereby I pretended to be a petitioner against an imaginary phase-two fracking as a commentary on the new age of big-non-profit-charity buskers and a spate of online campaigns.