This article was written right after Triangle Conference, NETWORKED: Dialogue & Exchange in the Global Art Ecology.  While it doesn’t fully explain the vision for a Creative Resistance Fund, it reminds me of a very fruitful meeting of interconnected arts and culture networks.

“It is difficult to collaborate unless we understand the social, political, economic (implications), as well as working conditions and the contexts in which people are working.  We must also ensure that working conditions for artists can be more equal, so there is a conscience there and a sense of mutual support.” –  Todd Lester and Mary Ann DeVlieg on art for social justice.

“Half of (our partners) are art networks such as Asia Art Network, Arterial Network, IETM, and the others are human rights organizations. Even if the working methods are extremely different we could have quite a lot to do together to raise people’s awareness about the art sector and what they can do, provide support, and inform the human rights sector about artist’s needs.” – Mary Ann DeVlieg on the International Coalition for Arts, Human Rights, and Social Justice (ICAHS)

Here’s a new blog reflecting on the Triangle Conference 6 months out.