During my stay in Mexico City, I’m being hosted by friend and colleague, Khoulsy Lamko who – after living in Mexico City for ten years – started Casa Hankili Africa, a refuge for African writers in distress.  Casa Hankili is a member of the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN), and since there was a vacancy, I jumped at the chance to check out this great space in Centro Historico.  On Tuesday, August 21, I’ll give a presentation entitled Arts, Social Justice and the Mobility of African Culture Workers.  I’ll present two short films to introduce the work of Global Arts Corps, an organization that creates theatre to advance reconciliation in societies emerging from deadly conflict, and freeDimensional, an organization that supports activists and artists-in-distress by providing safe haven in artist residencies. The presentation will focus specifically on how these two organizations facilitate mobility of African culture workers using an arts and social justice lens.

The films are of Global Arts Corps tour of Truth in Translation, a theatre production from South Africa to the Balkans, and from freeDimensional, a profile of Lawman Lynch, a Jamaican journalist and cultural producer who was violently targeted after making a comment referring to the prime minister on his radio show.

[Right when I got back to NYC, I completed a support document for Casa Hankili.]

Right now I’m on the road and getting to experience the wonderful hospitality of another artist residency, Arquetopia, in both Puebla and Oaxaca … I feel so lucky to be a part of this network of artists, hosts, and thoughtful administrators!