This past Wednesday, I did a skype conference with the HomeBase Berlin LAB.  The theme was ‘Artists in danger’.  As an advisor to HomeBase, I love to be a part of the community, even from a distance; however, I’ve grown tired of talking about  ‘Artists in danger’ as such.  The conversation on Wednesday found some depth on the issue of instrumentalization of the arts in service of another goal, sector or value, e.g. human rights.  This topical area is getting more and more exciting for me because I think there is a universal pattern to be excavated between the values of an artist, collective, and/or institution, and the intentionality or prospect of utilitarian analysis of both goals and outcomes.

HomeBase founder, Anat Litwin, wasn’t in Berlin for my talk b/c she is in Jerusalem setting up the next HomeBase iteration.  However, we do bump into each other from time to time and consider these encounters to be an ongoing discussion.  Here is one, two, three of those encounters…