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This past week, I was in Prizren, Kosovo for DokuFest.  On Sunday, I was helping out with Global Arts Corps‘ workshops and the lights went out.  Within a few minutes, the rumor spread that the lights had been turned off on purpose by the city as a show of power in the hour before the film festival’s award ceremony.  DokuFest is independent and heavily financed by development aid organizations … and it was suggested that this was the way for the city administration to flex its muscle, but I never learned more in order to verify the rumors.  It reminded me of 2003 when I was working for the Zanzibar International Film Festival and the same exact thing happened, also on the day of the awards ceremony when the most people (international guests, at that) would be inconvenienced or made aware.

And, more recently there was unwarranted push-back on Uzbekistani photographer, Umida Ahmedova who was convicted and then amnestied for libel after she took money from the Swiss Development Corporation for an anodyne exhibit on daily life in Uzbekistan.

Some snaps I made of tags in Pristina.