This week I am heading to Boston for the Theatre Communications Group’s annual meeting.  I’ll be speaking on a panel entitled The Right to be Creative: Models of Safeguarding Artists on Saturday, 23rd @ 10:30 am.  Building on the Artists & Human Rights panel conversations at the 2011 TCG Conference, this panel will present case studies describing individual and organizational responses to threats against artists. Presenters will share experiences of control and oppression from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Hungary, Iran, Syria, Argentina, Palestine and Belarus (list based on presenters), and responses to immediate and long term threats. Members of freeDimensional, a network that supports art spaces hosting activism and strengthening community engagement, will share strategies for grassroots intervention and support. This session aims to build upon existing field knowledge to develop long-term strategies and multi-pronged approaches to protecting artists; to expand the network of support for artists under threat to include new individuals and organizations that can respond quickly and effectively to crisis that threaten the lives and livelihood of artists living as global citizens.

While I’m there, I’ll be in a public conversation with artist, curator, community organizer, Kathleen Bitetti at Medicine Wheel Productions on the role of artists in society (or in their works, art as threshold) on Wednesday, 20th @ 7pm.  Please come to either/both if you are in Boston this week!

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