I was in Belfast this week for work and got to meet Justice Albie Sachs after he gave the closing address of the European Foundation Centre‘s Annual General Assembly.  In his talk, he told about how he’d been fitted with a prosthesis after a car bomb required the amputation of his right arm.  He said that it just didn’t feel comfortable for the two months he wore it.  He shared how seeing a mother and child who both had physical handicaps – getting by against some odds – helped him to realize that he could be himself without an arm.  I immediately thought of my friend Deza Nguembock, the founder of Esthétique & Handicap.  She’s just the kind of person he was referring to … someone who enables people to see the world in bigger way.  She’s an inspiration to me … and also to others:  She was just selected as an Architect of the Future by the Waldzell Institute.  You go girl!!