For the last 3 and a half years, I served on the board of Res Artis.  I recently stepped down after managing the pilot phase of the ResSupport Fellowship and these three placements.  More recently I helped to plan the Rockwood Leadership Institute’s inaugural Fellowship for Leaders in Arts and Culture.

Adriana Maria Pineda, visual artist and curator from Medellín, Colombia was a ResSupport Fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany, from 24th November 2011–15th January 2012. She was chosen from a list generated by Res Artis for Schloss Solitude.  In order to familiarize her with the work of the Akademie, she was involved in the general organization of the space as well as with specific cultural projects with the Solitude fellows, administrative work, and a diverse range of internal activities. In addition, Pineda conducted interviews with the staff about their work, visited the studios and interviewed the current resident artists (30), participated in a symposium, and attended the shared dinners. She also had the chance to visit partner institutions in Stuttgart.

Giuseppe De Bernardi from Tupac, Centro de Creación Contemporánea, Peru, and Francisca Caporali, JA.CA Art and Technology Center, Brazil, are currently enjoying their ResSupport Fellowship at the 18th Street Arts Center in Los Angeles.  Here’s a video on their projects and the 18th Street professional residency.