Last night I co-led a table discussion on Media & Conflict as a part of the World Policy Institute‘s 50th birthday celebration.  My co-leader, Jason Rzepka is Vice President of Public Affairs at MTV and a prominent advocate in advancing the use of media platforms for social change. We were given the following questions and a table full of big thinkers:

What does it take for civil society to be civil? We cannot have democracy without free speech. Yet breakdowns in public discourse have led to failed political systems and an oft poisonous political environment and gridlock in the United States and globally.  How can we prevent these failures while protecting free speech?  Our discussion ranged from cyber-bullying and censorship in the internet age to the role of media in the Rwandan genocide and the Sudanese Peace Accords.

I am a World Policy Institute Senior Fellow focused on the arts/policy nexus, freedom of expression, and Africa.