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This weekend is the Armory Show and Volta Art Fair.  An initiative that I advise, the HomeBase Project is an official partner of VOLTA NY.  Today (Saturday, March 10) at 2:30, I’ll join a talk in the Open Forum Lounge (7th fl) that questions/answers to the role of a community-based art project showing up at a commercial art fair.

Since Anat Litwin (HomeBase founder) is in town, I invited her to join me for a talkback to the play, Another Life at the Irondale in Brooklyn on Thursday, March 15th at 7:30 pm.  Anat Litwin and I will discuss ideas of home, hospitality, and how notions of individual space collide with(in) the public sphere.  We’ll ask of ourselves, how does what’s done in our name complicate ‘home’? Anat will discuss the HomeBase Project, a site-specific residency and research program operating at the intersection of art and social change, and I will touch on a new iteration of critical hosting called Host-an-Occupier.

Another Life tells of the titanic struggle between a mogul and his physician daughter who become embedded in the War on Terror torture program. Greed, war-lust, and sexual enslavement lead to a subtle but growing resistance and whistle-blowing.  Each evening the audience will share a dialogue with a speaker as part of a “Festival of Conscience”. Festival speakers will range from human rights activists, lawyers, and authors who have helped influence the shape of Another Life. The goal of this three-week series is to foster meaningful dialogues across disciplines to address the most pressing questions facing us today: What kind of nation have we become? What kind of country do we want to be?