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I was invited to the TPAM Yokohama meeting on Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programs for two engagements:

(i) AIR—New Forms of Sharing

Kyohei Sakaguchi moved from Tokyo to Kumamoto right after the nuclear plant accident and established “Zero Center” and “New Government” to accept refugees from the areas stricken by the earthquake and to thoroughly reconsider the notion of “living” (he exhibits his “mobile house” at this TPAM). In this session, we have him and Todd Lester, the founder of “freeDimensional” that supports artists and cultural workers under severe pressures using AIR schemes, introduce their activities and discuss the possibility of the basics of AIR, that is to say, “to move to another place and stay in the new environment for a certain period.”

(ii) Keynote Address: Creative Expression, Social Justice and AIR

It is not unusual in the world that artists’ expression and voices are suppressed by political, social, economical or military forces in their places. They can even be in a situation where their lives are at stake. Todd Lester has been defining the role of AIR in a broad perspective, supporting artists and cultural workers in these situations in cooperation with AIR facilities and organizations in a number of countries. He has become the executive director of Global Arts Corps where he works on projects that involve theatre practitioners from the both sides of opposed groups in residency, creation and touring to contribute to reconciliation in conflict zones in the world. In this keynote address, these activities are introduced and the extensive possibility of AIR is indicated from the point of view of creative expression and social justice.