Since my work starting freeDimensional and using the artist residency model to provide safe haven to artists, activists and culture workers in distress, I’ve become keenly interested in developments in the residency field and how the framework of living in a community or inhabiting an institution can facilitate deep engagement and social change.  Recently, I have had my hand in a hosting initiative for the Occupy Wall Street Initiative; providing advisory input to the HomeBase Project’s new site in Berlin; and always scanning the radar for new opportunities such as this one at the Provisions Library:

Provisions is pleased to launch research residencies that investigate futures for creative civil society. The program will bring together four residents (artists, scholars, activists, and practitioners) for research-based projects that explore and extend social change themes. Participants will gain exposure to policies, practices, and politics while exploring transformative social imaginations and strategies. The rapidly changing urban and institutional landscape of Washington DC will serve as a platform, model, and resource to propose and prepare social futures…Provisions invites letters of interest from artists, activists, scholars, writers, educators, and practitioners. To apply to the program, compose a one page letter for each research topic of interest that expresses your past works, future visions, research interests, and how you would benefit from program participation. All letters should be submitted with a resume/cv and samples of current work (website link or pdf). All letters of interest for the first round of projects must be received by March 1, 2012 at provisionslibrary@gmail.com.  Selection will be announced April 1st.