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Arts Collaboratory and the Triangle Arts Trust invited me for a Knowledge & Skills Sharing Residency at one of the few artist residency programs in Central America, Espira / La Espora.  One of the outcomes was a community forum on Friday, May 27, 2011.  Darwin Andino blogged about the event (in Spanish) … and founder, Patricia Belli said some really nice things about my work:

“The idea Todd had of organizing a forum to consult people about our future, was by far the biggest accomplishment.

13 people worked on this event for three full days: a children workshop, an informal show and a video screening, happened on the afternoon of the forum (friday 27th). The outcome is still being systematized: surveys and audience participation.But i can tell you already that people´s opinions and suggestions were inspiring.Thank you so much for this opportunity to have Todd with us in such rough times for EspIRA.love, P”