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Drawn at the Aesthetic Justice seminar as I prepped to do some meta-moderating.  And, here is something I said (in paraphrase) when I took the mic:

‘We live in a moment whereby Ai Weiwei can be imprisoned one day and Juliano Mer Khamis assasinated the next, and while both events are egregious, the media ‘chose’ the more easily digestible to raise audience awareness on.  I would suggest that the receptivity of concern by Western audiences to the imprisonment of Ai Weiwei has so much to do w/ a Cold War residual that garners empathy for Ai Weiwei as a proxy for the former Soviet dissident.  The media omission surrounding Mer Khamis’ assassination (that of an Israeli-Palestian culture worker) at the hands of Palestian extremists simply defies the penultimate step of commodification before complete mediatization … there is no clear dichotomy of good and evil. It wouldn’t sell… ’